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Giving Assistant Donations: Our 2020 Impact Report

Giving Assistant Donations: Our 2020 Impact Report

March 29, 2024 by Giving Assistant Editorial Team

This year, your Giving Assistant donations (AKA, the online savings you pay forward to make a better world) helped tens of thousands of nonprofits do even more good!

That’s right: our annual impact report is hot off the presses, and we’re so excited to share it!

What is an impact report? Simple: after we tally up all the cash back donations made through Giving Assistant the previous year, we create and publish an overview to celebrate our wins, our growth, and to show off the difference our members have made with their shopping.

So, without further adieu…let’s go!

Giving Assistant Donations 2020: 

Giving Assistant Impact Report 2020

2020 A Year in Review:

  • Total cash back donations grew by 98% compared to last year! 
  • Over $5,300 donated to COVID-19 Relief causes
  • Over 260,873 individual cash back donations were made
  • Total Giving Assistant members grew by over 10% (can you help us grow this number?)
  • 30% of shoppers donated 2 or more times.
  • Top cash back donation brands this year: Apple, Glossier, eBay, Dell, and Wayfair

Not to mention over $27,000* was donated during the 2020 holiday shopping season alone. (*Holiday shopping season dates 11/26/2020 – 12/31/2020)

So what can a little cash back do? More than you might think. Here are a few examples:

  • Giving $10 to Feast can provide a food scholarship for a participant for one week
  • $36 can feed 14 NYC children for an entire week through City Harvest
  • $25 provides a recovery support group for 15 people living with mental illness through National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • $50 provides a class on suicide prevention for 20 people through NAMI.
  • A $25 donation sent to General Needs LTD can buy one pair of new sneakers and clean socks
  • A $10 donation to General Needs LTD can buy NEW Full sized toiletries which includes 10 items!

How to Start Donating Cash Back

Giving Assistant continues to grow, and every penny of cash back our shoppers donate makes an impact. 

That’s because here, it all adds up to support a better world—as you can see!

If you’re already signed up, all you need to do is open your account settings, select a nonprofit, and set your donation percentage.

New to Giving Assistant? Keep on reading so you can start giving back.

How Giving Assistant Works 

  1. Earn cash back and save with the best coupons and promos at over 3,000 of your favorite brands including Target, Etsy, Old Navy, and more. Learn more here.
  2. Keep the cash back you earn…or donate some to a good cause. With Giving Assistant, you can keep all of the cash back you earn, or donate some to a nonprofit. (You can also choose to donate all your cash back to a nonprofit!)
  3. Support any nonprofit organization with your cash back by selecting them in your account settings. Over 1.5 million U.S. nonprofits are available to accept donations, including smaller organizations doing important work right in your neighborhood.
  4. Apply coupons automatically with our awesome browser extension, the Giving Assistant Button. It’s “autopilot” for your good-for-the-world shopping—and makes sure you never miss cash back or donation opportunities by alerting you when cash back is available. No need to visit our site first.

You could be part of the next year’s impact report: Sign up for a free Giving Assistant account today, and make a difference with all your online shopping!

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